DBS ENGINEERING company with rich knowledge and experience


ABOUT USThe DBS ENGINEERING company specialises in a complete range of services in the field of sports engineering.

All our customers enjoy free technical consultation from the project outset to its completion.


WHY CHOOSE US?The DBS ENGINEERING company offers a combination of high quality products and services.

The distinctive advantage and driving force of the DBS ENGINEERING company stems from knowledge and experience


KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCEMore than 30 years of experience in the field and more than 1000 successful installations of various sports facilities throughout the world.


The DBS ENGINEERING company offers a combination of high quality products and services. In its operations, the DBS ENGINEERING company strives for product quality and dedication to the customer. We are aware that in the selection of a partner for implementing complex and costly investment projects, mutual trust, knowhow and quality are key factors.


The DBS ENGINEERING staff consists of specialists in key business processes: design, marketing and advertising, information technologies and field work, who refine their expertise through professional training locally and abroad. We also collaborate with outside experts specialising in the development of new energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials and technologies. Due to our synthesis of theoretical knowledge, practical experience and capable management, we rank among the fastest growing and most technologically innovative companies in this segment.

  • Technical consulting

    The DBS ENGINEERING company works hard at all times to provide its customers with accurate, timely and high quality technical information that is vital for successful project realisation. For technical consultation and any questions, customers have open access to the DBS ENGINEERING team of experienced experts. Our customers benefit from timely and cost effective added value solutions; we undertake to foresee the customer's actual requirements and provide proactive recommendations. We are aware of the importance of effective and proactive communication and we therefore offer all our customers free advice covering all areas of sports engineering. We appreciate and consider the customers' opinions and wishes and each of our customers is directly involved in the project realisation process, from the conceptual idea to the final handover of a sports or industrial facility.


  • Design

    Our design department follows the principles of professionalism, innovation, quality and flexibility of services offered. Our design work adheres to high professional criteria and standards, which are imperative for competiveness in the market of sports engineering. In our state-of-the art approach to developing sports facilities, we engage in close collaboration with our customers and devote ample time to accommodating their wishes and needs. Combining the visions and wishes of our customers and our innovative approach to project realisation, we succeed in implementing even the largest scale and most complex projects, as our reference list attests. We believe that proper collaboration rests primarily on a high level of flexibility and the correct attitude to our customers. Accordingly, in our company, the customer always comes first.


  • Manufacture

    Based on project design files drawn up in its design department, the DBS ENGINEERING company manufactures, in-house, air domes and membranes for steel and laminated wood structures and delivers them directly to the project site. In-house manufacture allows us to control quality, quantity and delivery terms, which is of key importance for responsiveness and ultimately for the quality of the finished product at favourable prices. In this area too, our company is strongly focussed on innovation and following technological trends in the manufacture of products of this kind. Therefore, our manufacture applies the highest quality and technologically advanced tools and machinery.


  • Installation

    The competencies of the DBS ENGINEERING company include highly specialised and expert techniques for the installation of sports and industrial facilities. Our knowhow draws on more than 30 years of experience in the installation of all types of sports and industrial halls. One of the prime advantages of our crews is their proficiency in a number of major languages, as communication at the project site is of vital importance. Experiences and feedback from customers have demonstrated top-level and high quality installation with no room for error to be the key to successful project realisation. Accordingly, our company devotes full attention and the maximum energy to each and every detail of the installation. We can positively claim that our offer of services is first class and reliable; this claim is attested to by the range of successfully completed projects, realised within the time schedules and free of faults.